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World of Reading Book Reviews: Sole E35 Elliptical

In our new series of crowd-pleasing fitness books and tools reviews, we have reach a new world of reading mile-stone review, we have recently taken a closer look at the noteworthy Sole E35 elliptical.

sole e35 elliptical box1 sole e35 elliptical box2

Sole Fitness has been around for about a decade and is now considered to be one of the fastest growing fitness equipment manufacturers in the globe. Today the product that’s going under our scanner is Sole Fitness’ best seller, the e35 elliptical trainer. The E35 is a midrange product among a total of 6 elliptical trainer models Sole Fitness has to offer. It’s the Sole E95 little brother. This particular model is not really a fully loaded top of the end machine. So it’s really not fair to pit against the more expensive models. What you do get for the money you spend is a machine with a decent LCD, built in speaker, cooling fans, 20 different resistance levels, 6 standard workout programs, 2 custom workout program, and of course the quintessential water bottle holder. These are in no means the only features the E35 has to offer.

This Sole E35 elliptical review intends to dig deeper and reveal all its features, advantages, and disadvantages before giving you the final take on whether this particular model is worth its price tag.

Sole E35 Elliptical Notable Features:

All the major fitness companies, such as Sole Fitness, NordicTrack and Precor are in a desperate attempt to pack in more features.

Now, to be completely honest some of these features are practical while others are simply there to look good on paper. Let’s take an in-depth look and find out what the E35 elliptical trainer has to offer.

sole e35 elliptical box4 sole e35 elliptical box5 sole e35 elliptical box3

  • LCD Display: The Sole Elliptical E35 2015 comes with a 7.5 inch backlit LCD display. The Display light is blue and we found the size to be sufficient and clarity to be pretty standard.
  • Vitals Monitoring: Much like every other mid range elliptical trainer, the E35 has built-in pulse sensors on the handle bars. However, if you want a more accurate reading, the machine also supports chest strap heart rate monitor.
  • Weight Limit: This is probably one of the most basic and important features of any elliptical trainer. The E35 certainly doesn’t disappoint in this department with a maximum weight limit of 375 pounds.
  • Built-in Speakers: Once only included in the top end products, this is one feature that’s now increasingly becoming more popular among the mid range models. The Sole E35 elliptical trainer features a built-in speaker. The speaker is compatible with most mp3 players and ipods.
  • Adjustable Inclination: Inclination helps you target different muscle groups and adjust the intensity of your workouts. The E35 allows up to 30 degrees of ramp inclination which can be adjusted by easily placed buttons. This is an aspect where the E35 fares slightly better. Mainly because most elliptical trainers falling under the same price bracket offers only up to 25 degrees of inclination. It may seem like trivial, but the extra 5 degrees can really help to amp up your workout.
  • Adjustable Foot Bed: This is something that’s uniquely Sole. The foot pedals of the trainer have a 2 degree inward inclination. The company claims that this inclination helps protect the feet from common injuries and also ensures a more comfortable stride.
  • Resistance Levels: More resistance levels doesn’t necessary mean more resistance. However, it does enable you to make minor resistance adjustments to find a level that’s suits your workout style. The E35 offers 20 different resistance levels which is pretty good considering a lot of elliptical trainer in the same price range come only with 16.
  • Workout Programs: When it comes to workout programs, this particular model falls slightly short. It only comes with 6 standard programs and couple of custom programs, and 2 heart rate workout programs.

What We Liked:

There are a lot of fitness equipments out there that look great on paper but fail to deliver in real life.

sole e35 elliptical box6 sole e35 elliptical tools

This is why we combined our expertise in Sole Fitness work out equipment and countless online reviews to find out how user-friendly the E35 really is.

  • Smooth Operation: The drive system of the machine is centered around 29 pound flywheel which is slightly on the heavier side considering the fact that the E35 is meant for homes. The combination of a heavier flywheel and high gear ratios enables buttery smooth operation.
  • Highly Adjustable Ramp Inclination: It’s never a pleasant feeling when your workout equipment runs out of levels just when you are looking for ways to increase your workout intensity. As mentioned earlier the 30 degrees of ramp inclination makes the E35 capable of supporting high-intensity training.
  • Hybrid Functionality: The E35 boasts a durability and functionality that’s often found in commercial models. Sole successfully packed in high number of resistance levels, 30 degrees of ramp inclination, and loads of small little features in a small machine frame. This means you get a gym-like workout without leaving the comforts of your home.

What We Didn’t Like:

There are very few products that are perfect in every aspect.

Unfortunately, the E35 is not one of them and it does come with its share of disadvantages. Again these cons are primarily based on verified user reviews on sites like the Amazon.

  • Noisy In High Intensity Modes: According to a lot of customer reviews out there, the machine is bit noisy when doing high intensity training. Even though the noise level is low we consider it as a major drawback as it can disturb others in the house.
  • Time Intensive Assembly: According to a lot of E35 owners and ellipticalconsumers.com, it takes hours to properly assemble the machine. Now if you are fond of solving elaborate jigsaw puzzles you might end up enjoying it but for people who don’t it can prove to be a bit of a bother. There have been people who complained that it took them over 4 hours to successfully assemble the entire machine. On the plus side, assembly only needs to be done once. So even if it takes a long time it’s only going to bother you that one time.

World Reading Sole Elliptical E35 – Overall Impression:

In the end, the E35 has got all the basics right.

Yes it is a bit noisy in high intensity modes and it does take a lot of time to assemble the product but these are negatives most people can easily live with. Sole fitness has got the fundamentals right by creating a machine that’s durable, smooth, and packs in a lot of useful features. Therefore, if you are looking for midrange elliptical trainer for your home then the Sole E35 elliptical definitely demands a serious consideration.

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World of Reading Book Review : Sole E95 Elliptical

There are many popular fitness books, but going to the gym is one of the best ways to keep your health in check in this new world of reading review we take a look at the new Sole E95 Elliptical.

sole e95 elliptical

Technology has greatly improved and there is a broad range of equipment that you can use to stay in shape. When in the gym all you want to do is exercise. No one would like to spend a lot of time trying to get the machine to work. If you would like to be comfortable when working out, then you should consider buying the sole e95 elliptical trainer. This treadmill is the big brother of the Sole E35. It is a front drive trainer that is considered the best in the market. Why should you buy this product and not any other?

sole e95 elliptical audio

Well, read on this sole e95 elliptical review to find out.

Sole E95 Elliptical Comes With Adjustable Stride Length

Would it not be nice if you could adjust the stride length of your trainer?

The sole E95 provides you with this feature. You can adjust the length of your trainer from 20 to 22 inches. This means that people of different heights can easily use this trainer.

sole e95 elliptical stride length 1 sole e95 elliptical stride length 2 sole e95 elliptical stride length 3

Over the last couple of years Sole Fitness have sold many different versions of this particular elliptical. Among the first where the 2013 model. According to most current reviews the latest available model is from 2015, this Sole E95 elliptical review offers an up-to-date overview of current models.

What is more is that you can choose to pedal in reverser or forward depending on what is comfortable for you.

Foot Pedal Adjustment

This is the only elliptical machine that will enable you to adjust the foot pedals.

sole e95 elliptical foot pedal

Different people have different walking styles (walking benefits). For this reason, the E95 enables you to adjust the foot pedals to suit you walking style. It has pedals that are fully enhanced to ensure that you are comfortable when you are working out. To adjust the foot pedal, you will make use of the worm drive. You can easily adjust the pedals just by clicking in the one that is suitable. Foot pedal adjustment will help in reducing sore Achilles and numb toe.

If you are looking for an elliptical machine for sale, make sure that it features the pedal adjustment clicking.

This allows you workout more and achieve the goals that you have set.

Incline Feature

This is one of the things that set this trainer apart from its competitors.

It has an incline that is very steep. This feature will enable you to increase the intensity of your workout. The power incline is suitable for different muscle groups. You can change the incline feature by pressing on a button that will raise the ramp to the position that you desire. You can adjust this ramp up to 40 degrees. This will enable you to work out all your lower body muscles.

You would not be able to work out you lower muscles without this feature.

Enhanced Features

There are some amazing features that this machine has to offer.

sole e95 elliptical fly wheel

To start off with is the handlebar control that helps you to maintain the pace as you work out. There is also an inbuilt fan that will keep you cool when you are exercising. Do you love listening to music as you work out? This trainer will enable you to do just that thanks to its inbuilt sound system that accepts mp3 players. Not only that but you will also have a place where you can put your water bottle. You also do not have to worry about your heart rate because the machine allows you to monitor your heart rate.

sole e95 elliptical audio

The other great feature that you will get to enjoy by using this trainer is comfort.

There are several trainers in the market and it may be tough making the right choice.

However, this sole E95 elliptical review may come in handy (http://www.ellipticalcardio.com/).

World of Reading Book Review : Sole E95 Elliptical Final Words

The features of this elliptical bike make it the people’s choice.

sole e95 elliptical frame

The sole E95 is a preferred choice because of its price range and ease of use. Apart from the price, you will also get a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 5 years warranty on electronics and parts and 2 years warranty on labor. It is best suited for working out at home. If you are serious about your elliptical workouts, then you should not hesitate to get this machine. You do not have anything to lose by trying it out. On the contrary you will benefit a lot from its features. The facts speak for themselves and there is no denying that this elliptical bike is the best in the market. Getting this product will enable you to keep fit while at the same time being healthy.

This training equipment, the Sole E95 elliptical, will make your workout at home much more easier and fun while burning calories, for inquires contact us here.

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An Elliptical Stylus

Don Paterson, An Elliptical Stylus

My uncle was beaming: ‘Aye, yer elliptical stylus –
fairly brings out a’ the wee details.’



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